Website Management – Plan X!

Building you high quality SEO websites that are professional and traffic attractive. No Gimmicks, No Ads, Hassle Free website development.

So What’s Included…

We offer help on every aspect of your website. From Security to text content updates. Whenever you need modify or fix issues with your WordPress website, ecommerce site or blog website then simply send a request and the is always available to assist. Whether the issue is malware, or requires modification of PHP, HTML, CSS, or Javascript depending on your requirements.

Website repair may include the following:

fix issues, change theme style, modify page, repair or fix malware issues, change or add plugin, secure your website, scheduled backup of full website content, migrate website to new hosting server when required.

We also...

Add or change content, Deliver and manage SEO Optimization on all pages (product pages may require additional fee), Update WordPress version, themes and plugins as needed.

website management

Keep Your Website Updated and Secure!

 Each plan comes with Free SEO Analysis & Malware Protection.

website management

How We Help…

The efficient generation, organization, sanitization, posting and deletion of content is a complex task that needs to be properly managed by competent personnel, and ultimately is the foundation of the efficacy of the website. All too often, wonderful websites are designed, launched and then neglected, leaving the website impotent and useless to users in search of current information.
We will help you create meaningful content that reflects your business goals and the user’s needs, analyze how user’s think and speak about subject matter, communicate to your audience in a way that they can understand, ensure all content is useful, keep your site up to date and factual and ensure consistency in content generation and posting.
We will help you maintain diverse media on your site to greatly enhance the appeal and usefulness of your website with things like images and photos, documents (usually PDFs), audio and video (i.e. embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted), RSS feeds, Twitter stream and Facebook friends lists etc.

Plan X! – Website Management & Support

Why do you need Website Management? Have you checked your website for toxic links, malware & viruses, updated your content and adjusted for search optimization? If your answer was ‘NO’ to any of these questions then you need this Web Support service.
We offer monthly website management plans that include all you need to have your business website secure and thriving online. Our Website management service also includes these free options:
  • Web Hosting,
  • Website Backup & Restore,
  • Email service,
  • Live Web traffic tracking,
  • Anti-virus
  • Malware repairs
  • and much more!
website management