Website Project Quote Request – Step 1

We quickly collect basic information from you about your industry and brief business description. We confirm the domain name you desire. You also select a website design, choosing from several 100s of designs for every industry  we have available or allow a Web Advisor to recommend the best 3 designs for you to choose from based on your area of interest. So many designs to choose from, and as standard we will assist in providing one you will love. If you still have any pre-sale questions, email or contact our web advisors . We’ll be your guide. Ask about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success!

Enter the name of your company or your website domain address (eg.
Our Website Content Developers are experienced copywriters and SEO strategists. We come up with all or most of the copy for your website so that it reads professionally resulting in your website ranking well online. Below are the questions your Project Manager will ask you on the consultation call. Please answer & submit the questionnaire the best you can.
2. What do you want people to know about your company? (Common information includes your year established, mission, vision, objectives etc.).
What pages do you want included? (Standard pages are unlimited, typical pages includes About us, Services, Testimonial, Gallery and Contact us, there is always a home page).
Will your website be selling a product; services; both or something totally different? Select all that apply.
Provide a little information on the service or services you offer.
If not, that's OK! Because, we register for domains for free with any of our website plans. If you would like us to register a domain for you, please indicate the domain name you would like to register.
If so please indicate. e.g. Our colors are red, black and silver.
If so do you have your images or do you want us to use stock images?
If Yes, please select all that apply. If No, then select "No, i don't have."
If Yes, please lists them names and email addresses if would you like their pictures and job descriptions to be listed on the website? (Optional)
If Yes, please list all company sponsors and certifications. (Optional)
Is there any particular website(s) with a design or content you like? If so list them and tell us what you like about these sites.
What contact address would you like to be added on your website, and what email would you like your customer/client messages to be sent to?
What phone number(s) should we list on your website?
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